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Republican and Democratic lawmakers have long been at odds over the government's annual MBT Shoes Reviews deficits, adding to a growing long-term debt that totals $16 trillion. Bernanke spoke to the Economic Club of Indiana in Indianapolis. Public-opinion polls show American voters overwhelmingly concerned with economic matters, but generally giving higher marks to President Obama on foreign policy questions than Governor Romney. The first presidential debate Wednesday will focus on the economy, with a later debate dedicated to foreign affairs.


Tens of thousands of protesters took to the Paris streets Sunday in the latest bout of European anger over tough austerity plans. The atmosphere was almost festive, as vendors grilled sausages and protesters marched from the left to the right banks of Paris under sunny skies. He said Congress MBT Sports Shoes could also help the economy by reforming the country's tax laws, improving its educational system, supporting technological innovation and boosting international trade. Spokesman Jay Carney told reporters that it was a spearphishing attack against an unclassified network.


U.S. President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, MBT Shoes Outlet are preparing for the next critical phase of the 2012 election season - the presidential debates. He said these types of attacks are not infrequent and the White House has mitigation measures in place, according to a White House pool report. Obama and Romney will hold three debates through October, and Vice President Joe Biden and Romney's running mate Paul Ryan will also meet for one debate.